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Thursday, July 5, 2018

The Revolution - FREE READ & REVIEW CHAPTER - 5th book in the Modules Series

The Revolution by Almondie Shampine

book 4 in The Modules Series

“This girl is seriously going to be the cause of my death,” the Commanding Officer raged, while crossing the parking lot to go the back way into the hotel. “The most intelligent female in the world, with an IQ even higher than mine, but I have to constantly protect her from her emotional stupidity. All the pain-staking effort it took to make everyone believe she was dead and she does something so stupid as to blatantly place her name over that public broadcast.

“We’ve got six-hours tops before it all goes viral. We need to get her as far away as possible, because she just pulled a signature Cat move, without recognizing what it is she’s really done. Bust down the door. Capture her and bind her – it’s the only way she’ll cooperate,” Garrett sighed.

As much as it had hurt him, he’d let his Purple Cat go to figure things out on her own. He’d believed that with the amount of training he had provided her, she’d be able to stay safe, while also keeping her monitored to ensure her safety. He’d tried to tame her, and that had been his biggest mistake. A cat in the wild was free in one sense, but had dangers lurking at every moment. Untamed, that cat had the automatic survival instinct to maintain defenses and stay alive. A wild cat tamed would still have that freedom in their blood, without the appropriate defenses in place any longer to keep them alive.

Now, Cat was going to be the target for thousands of top officials, politicians, and everyone that was at that meeting, which practically captured every branch in the federal and state governments. No one’s life was safe now. Not after what she’d done, but her life was in far more danger than ever before.

“She’s not here, sir,” one of his men stated after searching the room.

“What do you mean she’s not here? Of course she is. She has to be.”

A moment later, he saw the displayed ring, and the scribbled note attached to it. ‘ForNever and Always – Cat’

“Dammit, she figured out the ring, too. This was a set up.” He couldn’t help but grin. Always one step ahead his Cat was.

“You looking for me, Garrett?” I said lowly.

Garrett turned, smiling, at the familiar voice he loved, and there was his Cat, standing at the open-door, gun pointed at his head.

“Darling, seeing you again takes my breath away. I’m so glad you’re still alive, Cat.”

“Don’t call me that. Name’s Catina. Use it.”

He took a step forward. I removed the safety. “I wouldn’t do

that if I were you,” I warned. He looked like he had run his hand through his hair a thousand times, it was so disheveled. And he had deeper forehead wrinkles than when I’d seen him last. I had that effect on him. But I had to stare at his forehead and not meet his eyes. I didn’t want to have to see his lies.

“Honey, you’re in so much danger right now. You need to come with me. It’s the only way I can guarantee your safety.”

Like I didn’t have two eyes that could see two of his guards slowly creeping toward me on either side. In two seconds and two bangs later, they were floored, having shot both of them in the foot.

“What the hell, Catina,” Garrett cried out.

“I’m done playing nice, Garrett. Don’t make the mistake of thinking I won’t shoot you, because it would literally be a fatal mistake to finally put an end to your fatal attraction. You’ve been tracking and recording everything. Manipulating and lying to me every step of the way. Give me one good reason for why I shouldn’t kill you right here and right now.”

“Because shooting me wouldn’t be any fun for you. That’s not the way you’d do it. I know you, Cat – Catina.”

“Do you?” With a flick of my left wrist, the knife sliced through the air.

He chuckled, “You missed.”

“Did I?”

And the retard actually fell for it. He looked behind him to see

what I’d hit with the knife, giving me enough time to swipe his legs

out from under him and get him in a chokehold.

He laughed with limited air supply. “All right, you got me. You called my bluff. What do you want?”

“I told you. One good reason for why I shouldn’t break your neck the way I broke Dr. Samson’s.”

“Dr. Samson? You dare to compare me to the monster that -.”

I choked him off abruptly.

When I eased up, he started coughing, “Easy, Cat. You’ll crush my -.”

I cut off his air supply again.

“You think this is a game, Garrett? That I’m just playing around? I can’t believe this. Your ego is just that big that you seriously think I won’t kill you? What is it with you guys that want the upper hand all the time, and then even when the girl has the upper hand, you won’t acknowledge it or take it seriously. Seriously, what is wrong you guys? Just like Charlie, vowing his love to me one moment and then ditching me the moment someone else is more available to him. All the time I stayed loyal, acting as your wife, but never giving you the privileges and he just hopped in the sac with his arranged wife and got her pregnant.

“I bet he slept with that Kristine girlfriend he had, too. And she was a Pink! All the while, here’s Catina, staying completely loyal and faithful, trusting him. And then I’m the idiot. I’m the fool that practically hands myself to him on a silver platter. And all he has to say is – Like my feelings didn’t even matter. Like nothing ever


Finally, after Garrett quite much more resembling that fish and flopping around on the floor, the fear entered his eyes, the fear I needed him to feel. The fear he’d made me feel as ‘Just another test.’

So I let him breathe again. “One reason, Garrett, and it better be a damn good one,” I said, suddenly feeling very tired.

“I know the coordinates of where your sister is,” he said between gasps of breath and coughing.

 “I know the exact address of where she is. She just so happened to find a way to communicate with me at the same time you just so happened to show up in my hotel room, so you’re going to have to do better than that.”

“I didn’t take her, Catina, I swear. You have to believe me. Please listen to me and give me a moment to explain. I know you have no reason to trust me, because of all the secrets we kept -.”

“It’s Cat, you idiot. YOU have been keeping tabs on me ever since I was a 12-year-old child!” I yelled. “You’ve done nothing but use, manipulate, and lie to me. There’s one memory I never told you. The person that knocked me out that day at my sister’s graduation ceremony that resulted in the torture I endured was you. You forgot to take your signature Purple ring off. This entire time, even throughout our farce of a marriage, I’ve always known it was you. You realized your mistake, so you got rid of the ring, then tested my memory to see if it could lead to you.”

“There are much bigger things going on that you can’t

comprehend. I’ve spent over a decade of my life trying to get to the bottom of -.” I pulled the trigger and the room fell into silence. The body of the guard that had been slowly crawling toward me collapsed to the ground.

“You’ve lost your mind, Catina,” Garrett said carefully. “He was an innocent.”

“I told you, it’s Cat.”

“No, my Cat would never cold-heartedly shoot to kill. Act impulsively out of emotion, for sure, but she’d never hurt an innocent. She’s passionate and fiery, but she’s not –.”

“An innocent that was going to capture and bind me to go alongside your kidnapping plot. Far from innocent. Perhaps now that you recognize I have no morals against killing people I believe to be bad, you’ll start cooperating.”

“I’m trying to save your life, Catina. That’s all I’ve ever been trying to do. Do you want to know what really happened to the other Purples that couldn’t change their color?”

“That’s the thing, Garrett. You’ve lied to me so much, I can’t trust a thing that comes out of your mouth.”

“And I know that. Why do you think I’ve taken all the measures I can to protect you and keep you safe?”

“Protect me?” I said shrilly. “You’ve been interfering on my life since I was a child. I left you. You knew I loved Charlie, and you knew my weakest spot was my sister, so you took her to try to get

me back, just like all the years before, you used my sister to control

me. When you knew I was communicating with Charlie, you not only set up an arranged marriage for him, but transferred him to one of the hardest, deadliest jobs there are, regardless of his test placement. Just like you bypassed my tests’ placement to do whatever you wanted with me.”

“It’s not like that, I swear.”

He really did sound pathetic in his begging.

“It is like that, Garrett.” And I stupidly broke down crying. I may have just killed a man to get Garrett to start being honest with me, and still, he wouldn’t even give me that. “Ever since you became interested in me, you’ve done nothing but hurt me and separate me from the people I care about, so that you could have me for yourself. You’re a maniac. A sociopath. I don’t care what your color is or how high your IQ is, you’re insane.”


“There was a time I actually believed in you, trusted you, looked up to you -.”

“Please understand.”

“There was a time I almost loved you and would have chosen to be with you, but you never could be honest, could you?”

“I’ve always loved you, Catina. You’re my one and only. The only person in this world ever found compatible to me. I fell for you when you were that belligerent 14-year-old child who introduced yourself, saying, ‘I’m the brain of high intelligence, so glad to finally be meeting the head.’ I knew, right then and there, I’d met my match,

but I had to wait all those years for you to be of age.

“Then, when I believed you were dead, I was devastated. I felt so empty, knowing, there would never be another you. When I learned that you were very much alive, I just never wanted to lose you again. Then I realized that I’d gone about everything the wrong way, and I knew that if I truly loved you, then I’d be able to let you go, if that’s what you wanted. So I let you go. And then I left you alone. Like I promised.”

“I didn’t have anything to do with your sister’s kidnapping. I picked up communication. Because she’s your family, I’ve been watching out for her, too, which, yes, for me means tracking. I went to rescue her, but Catina -.” He actually cried. “It’s Kadrin’s body, but it’s not Kadrin. She refused to be rescued. They … they turned her, Catina.”

“What do you mean they turned her?!” I screamed.

He choked on a sob. “They turned her into a weapon … against you. I’m so sorry, honey. Promise me you won’t go after her. The communication was staged. We’ve known about your 1072 am for quite a long time, which means they know, too. It’s meant to trap you. You CANNOT go after her.”

“Lier,” I yelled. “You know, Garrett, I had really hoped that you would come clean in the end, but you’ve been in the game so long, you don’t even know fact from fiction. Goodbye, Garrett.”

Followed by a big bang.

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